Film Screening: The Third Harmony

Emerging brain science indicates that human beings are not innately violent, and cooperation is as much a part of human DNA as competition. Good news! This verifies the peaceful solutions we have all been working towards. But simply choosing to refrain from violence is only a first step towards an active and equitable peace. Come […]

Daniel Ellsberg: Preparing for Nuclear War with China Over Taiwan

Fifty years after his courageous whistleblowing release of the Pentagon’s secret Vietnam War history, The Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg has again shaken the nation and the world with a new revelation. It has critically important implications for the new Cold War confrontation with China and the debate over the possibility over Congress or the  the […]

Pressuring the Nuclear Weapons Profiteers

Program Highlights How the Nuclear Ban Treaty creates new risks for nuclear weapons companies -- and new leverage for nuclear abolition Simple divestment tools for individual consumers and investors and resources for larger-scale collective divestment Powerful ways to influence corporate leadership by yourself or with a community   Speakers and Facilitators Susi Snyder, Don’t Bank […]

Outcomes of the 20 Year War in Afghanistan

President Biden says that he is winding down the U.S. role in Afghanistan and that all the troops will be home from America’s longest war by Sept. 11.  It’s time for a reckoning.  What did the war do to the people of Afghanistan? What did it do to Americans—soldiers, contractors, and those at home?  Can we possibly learn […]