Key Legislation

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (i.e. the NDAA to be passed in 2021)

  • Defense funding level proposed by Biden: $753 Billion. That’s up $13 billion from the Trump administration’s highest defense funding level
  • The Bill has already passed through first-step committees in the Senate (Senate Armed Services Committee 7/21/21) and the House (House Armed Services Committee 9/1/21) who both added over $23 Billion more.
  • The House passed their version of the NDAA in September, a proposed bill to the taxpayers at around $775 to fund mostly ramp-ups to new wars.
  • There were hopeful amendments in the House that could have moderated this spending without cutting important pay increases for working military soldiers and DOD civilian employees, as well as amendments to move us towards the side of good or neutral in the Middle East, namely in Yemen and Syria. These amendments did not pass with the exception of one amendment to end support for Saudi Arabia’s violent siege and inhumane blockade on the people of Yemen. Read MDPA’s in depth coverage of how your MD reps voted!
  • The Senate will need to approve their own version of the NDAA and then the two versions will have to be reconciled before final passage. Tell your Senators to do a better job than the House and actually stand up to new military hikes (letter open til November 5th).