Peace Voter 2024

Peace Voter 2024

Looking ahead, we plan to use our PAC funds to ensure more strategic wins for the peace movement in 2024. The self-designated “Squad” — an informal, majority-female group of eight BIPOC Members of Congress — is being targeted by the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, who plans to spend at least $100 million challenging them to scare other lawmakers into silence around the genocide in Gaza. That work has already begun and we notched our first win with the defense of Summer Lee in Pennsylvania. 


We are also keeping the Presidential election in mind, focusing on states that will be key to stopping Trump (who was unsurprisingly bad on our issues and has made clear he plans to rule in a quasi-fascist way). The Senate map, in particular, heavily favors the anti-democratic GOP. Many of the most competitive Senate races fall in key presidential states, as well — PA, AZ, WI, and OH — allowing us to block a second Trump term through our Congressional endorsements.

These last few years, our Peace Voter work has grown in scale, and we plan to keep that momentum up into the 2024 cycle.

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