Peace Economy

Maryland Peace Action understands that we cannot win peace without the participation of large numbers of people from every walk of life — rich and poor; black, white, Latino, Asian, and Native American; men and women; straight, gay, and transgendered; documented and undocumented.  

Public opinion polls consistently show that it is Black and low-income communities that stand the most strongly against war and militarism.  But the continued impact of racism and bigotry and extreme economic inequality means that large numbers of peace supporters face a struggle for community survival.  In the interest of justice as well as peace, Peace Action stands with labor, community, people of color, and faith groups that work for economic and social justice.   By strengthening the voice of minority, low income, and marginalized people in our society, we also strengthen the peace movement.

Download this fact sheet, here.

How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan, by Glenn Greenwald–extremely important article!

Creating a National Insecurity State
Spending More, Seeing Less
By Mandy Smithberger

Hold on to your helmets! It’s true the White House is reporting that its proposed new Pentagon budget is only $740.5 billion, a relatively small increase from the previous year’s staggering number. In reality, however, when you also include war and security costs buried in the budgets of other agencies, the actual national security figure comes in at more than $1.2 trillion, as the Trump administration continues to give the Pentagon free reign over taxpayer dollars. Read more here.

Defund the Pentagon, Too!