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Maryland Peace Action organizes and amplifies the voices of peace activists across the state so that we can make change on local and national levels.

Members get involved for different reasons and at different levels of commitment. Here are some options that we invite members to do:

  • Join the conversation on key foreign policy issues. Make your voice heard through our media outreach and through our own platforms. Learn more through webinars with expert analysts and lived-experience perspectives.
  • Join us for letter writing campaigns, lobby visits, and town halls that connect with our elected officials. When urgent problems are still not considered by our elected officials, we work on demonstrations, direct action, and elections. Our most involved members step up to help plan these actions and build relationships with policymaking leaders.
  • Attend action meetings and events, including local chapter events in Howard, Frederick, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s. Weigh in on our platform, priorities, and leadership by voting at our annual general membership meetings.
  • And most importantly, know that you are actively supporting work to stop militarism from dominating U.S. domestic and foreign policy.. 

Members pay annual dues once a year. When we pool our money together, we can accomplish more. In the interest of accessibility, we have eliminated any specific dues amounts – members pay what they can. If you are in a position to give more than our average goal of $35, this supports other enthusiastic activists who have less financial means. Thank you!