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But How Will We Pay for It? by Kate Kizer

The dramatic, global spread of the novel coronavirus has revealed deep vulnerabilities in the international community’s preparedness for global crises. Global missteps have been exacerbated here at home by the Trump administration’s denial of the crisis and slow, insufficient response. In the midst of the administration’s rush to inject money into Wall Street and growing calls for corporate bailouts, very few have asked the question: “how will we pay for it?” It’s a question that is asked all the time when the government spends money on health care, college affordability, housing, and even energy. But when it comes to the Pentagon or corporate interests, champions of fiscal responsibility are nowhere to be found. Read more.

Fighting a Virus with the Wrong Tools by Catherine Lutz and Neta C. Crawford

Right now, the wealthiest, most scientifically advanced country in history is being brought to its knees by a virus it knew was coming. And having failed to adequately invest in pandemic protection measures, the U.S. government now is fighting a war against COVID-19. But, if the past two decades have taught us anything, we should know that “war” is the wrong metaphor and our military is the wrong tool.  Read more.

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