Move the Money 2021 Coalition


It will take some ambitious PEOPLE POWER. It will take building new fellowship and SOLIDARITY. But together, we will make our priorities heard! Finally our country will put its money, not towards more and more weapons, but towards the HUMAN NEEDS that matter most!

If you are a member of a community organization, union, or faith group that believes it’s time to MOVE THE MONEY join the action below!


We call upon the Maryland Congressional delegation to advocate forcefully for these Federal budget changes:

·  Major reductions in military spending, beginning now.

·  Immediate and significant increases in domestic spending to protect the climate and to address systemic racism, economic inequality, and the immigration crisis.


To be a coalition member, the organization agrees:

·        To endorse the two key principles of the coalition (above)

·        To be listed on materials (written and on-line) as a member of the coalition

·        To identify someone as a primary contact for the coalition from the organization

·        To inform the organization’s members of the coalition’s campaign, and of campaign activities as they are developed, for example through social media or other communication mechanisms

Coalition members may, if they choose:

·        Identify one or more persons to serve on a coalition campaign committee

·        Organize events for their members on the topic of the coalition, for example, a webinar or in-person presentation (presentations on militarism can be presented by MD Peace Action)

·        Propose activities for the campaign and help organize them

·        Pass a formal resolution affirming the two goals

·        Create a task force on militarism within the organization

·       Develop other activities, as desired