House of Representatives

Legislation Watch


BillDescriptionMD Reps Support
H.J.Res. 15War Powers Oversight:
War Powers Resolution
MD Cosponsors:
HR 255War Powers Oversight:
2001 AUMF Repeal
MD: Cosponsors:
Raskin, Sarbanes, Trone
HR 256War Powers Oversight:
2002 AUMF Repeal
MD Cosponsors:
Brown, Mfume, Raskin, Ruppersberger, Trone, Sarbanes,
H.Res. 54 Nuclear Nonproliferation:
Extend New START Treaty
Encourage Treaty on Open Skies
HR 669Nuclear Weapons:
No First Use
MD Cosponsors:
Raskin, Sarbanes
HR 1554Weapons:
Restricting further development of
Sea Launch Cruise Missiles
H.J.Res. 15Saudi Attacks on Yemen:
Restriction on US Weapons Sales
to Saudi Arabia
MD Cosponsors:
HR 2590Israel Attacks on Palestine:
Restricting US Support of Israeli Violations Against Palestinians


Listed below are some bills that were important to us in 2020, showing how Maryland’s representatives voted.

Iran:  No U.S. Forces in Iran without Congressional Authorization – S,J.Res 68 – Passed 227-186 All 7 MD Democrats voted in favor, Harris (R) opposed. Peace Action position: support.

Yemen:  Withdraw U.S. Forces from the Saudi-led War in Yemen — S.J.Res. 7 — The House passed a resolution to end U.S. support of the Saudi coalition’s egregious, years-long assault on Yemen. Passed 247-175. All MD Democrats voted in favor. Harris (R) opposed. Subsequently vetoed by the President and failed to pass over veto. Peace Action Position: Support

Middle East Wars:  Repeal 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) Against Iraq Resolution through H.R. 550 — This amendment repeals the 2002 Iraq War AUMF, which has been used repeatedly since 2002 to support militarism abroad, including the Trump Administration’s use of it to justify its actions against Iran, including the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  Passed 236-166. All MD Democrats voted in favor. Harris (R) opposed. Peace Action Position: Support

Military Budget:  2020 Reconciled NDAA — On Agreeing to the Conference Report — S. 1790 — After passing two separate bills in the House and Senate, leadership spent months reconciling the bills. The final version voted on stripped out all the progressive language that had passed in the Democratic House and increased the bloated budget up to $738 billion. The House passed the bill 377-48. From Maryland, only Rep. Raskin voted in opposition to this bill. Peace action position: oppose.

Israel/Palestine:  H.Res.496 – Affirming that all Americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Not brought up for a vote. PA position, support. 18 cosponsors.  None from MD.

Nuclear Disarmament:  NDAA Amendment — H.Amdt. 553 to H.R. 2500 — This amendment looks to re-establish “low-yield” nuclear missile funding. All MD Democrats voted in opposition, Harris (R) in favor. Peace Action position: Oppose. Failed 201-221.

Korea: Calling for a formal end to the Korean War — H Res 152. — The failure to come to a final peace settlement on the Korean peninsula has exerted long-term negative pressures on human rights and humanitarian conditions; it is time to end that. This bill has not come up for a vote. As of March 20, there were 42 cosponsors, of which one was from Maryland: Representative Raskin. Peace Action position: Support.